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Mission Untouchable Women Capital Finance is an international financing andconsulting service offered to women entrepreneurs ,  to guide them in reaching their business goals. It has grown to become an emerging ecosystem aimed at helping women entrepreneurs of both startups and long established firms.

Our international team is trained in finance , business development , psychology, fashion , social media and online marketing. Our revolutionary approach of applying a “high fashion” mentality to the broad concept of branding sets us apart from other consulting firms. Some of our distinctions include focusing on the theories of human behavior and the power of communication as it relates to messaging, strategy and visual cues. A key point of success for us is due to listening closely to our brand partner’s needs and showing them new ways of reaching their goals.

We feel storytelling through strong words and compelling imagery is a must and use this technique to help decision makers grow their brand in an efficient and authentic way. We strive to deliver custom solutions to each of our clients by utilizing our novel methods, industry partnerships and passion for creativity. 


"  Learn  to shape the contour of your life to your own  sensibility s by learning how to move out of your comfort zone " I inspire people to create freedom in business and above all to love  life . I keep telling them that ' Life is Now , Love life " . Been out of my comfort zone has been my biggest accomplishment in life . It will end one day , keep fear out of the equation . I teach everyone they need  to  love what they do, and they need to live with a purpose. Powerful forces conspire to keep us in our comfort zone, penned by fear. Change your frame of mind. View your comfort zone not as a shelter but a prison. Embrace constructive discomfort. Don’t take the safe, known path. Choose challenge over comfort, and set goals that force you to get out of your comfort zone. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable " .

Untouchable Women Finance Capital . Founder . CEO - Chris Alexander




We work with entrepreneurs from all over the globe as a reliable extension of their team. We seek new ways to help decision makers execute product launches or brand growth. We passionately listen to our clients to uncover how we can best help them with their needs. We only take on projects we feel we can make a difference with.

;Our team is made up of creatives, entrepreneurs, media and technology professionals. We have a passion for using our gifts to help others. We seek to identify our client’s needs and work as an extension of their team. We aim to satisfy them with the right brand proposition and strategic partnerships for both their short term and long term goals.

It’s starts with a great story. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and executives build the most compelling story to grow brand loyalty. We understand that branding is more than just a logo, it’s about radically impacting the target audience and furthering your corporate vision


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