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  The creation of a unique financial platform dedicated to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs worldwide , a unique ecosystem created for those unconventional women entrepreneurs , fearless and international, for those who are willing to bet everything on themselves without dwelling on their mistakes , not here to win but to dominate . For those women ready to focus on their strength , not their weakness , failures will not register. 


"Perfect the power of positive thinking, value love more and it s power to change life "

Life is now , love life .

Chris Alexander




















 One year in the making , 800finance.com/ Untouchable Women gives any women entrepreneurs or business women a new advantage unequaled in the past, a fully automated user friendly website dedicated to finance all of those fearless business women dreams.

A unique international ecosystem of women founders and successful women entrepreneurs dedicated to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs .

 Working side by side with a woman entrepreneur underestimated by most has been my biggest reward .

Chris Alexander

   Illy Perez . Fashion consultant and founder of "House of She" .    

   Illy Perez . Fashion consultant and founder of "House of She" .


We finance the fashion industry

We finance the fashion industry

Supporting women athletes .

Supporting women athletes .

Seek and you will find.

Seek and you will find.

Tracy Timberlake and Vivian Olodun founders of Flourish Media Conference . 

Tracy Timberlake and Vivian Olodun founders of Flourish Media Conference . 

Time are changing

Time are changing

Redefining the next generation of diverse leaders and founders , Asian women entrepreneurs are part of our ecosystem   .  

Redefining the next generation of diverse leaders and founders , Asian women entrepreneurs are part of our ecosystem  .  

Flourish Media Conference where women do business

Flourish Media Conference where women do business



Women are the biggest emerging market: they control spending, bank accounts and personal wealth in the United States .Yet few women believe existing products and services meet their needs and those of their families. High potential women and their gender-diverse teams are starting scalable businesses in record numbers, and yet a mere 7% of venture capital is invested in management teams that include women . The number of Mom entrepreneurs continues to grow as more women start their own businesses, up 54 percent over the past 15 years, however still receive well under 10 percent of equity financing .  Women have shown the world how they are great business leaders, and how their approach to business  is strikingly different from men, due to their unique skills and leadership approach. Access to capital been the biggest difficulty , I believe the private sector will be able to fix that issue , not the government. 

Latina Women in Business


Not only is there an underrepresentation of Hispanic leaders on corporate boards and in executive leadership positions, but there is a significant lack of Latinas at the highest levels of leadership.

Specifically, only one percent of corporate board seats are held by Latinas, and less than one percent of c-suite executive leadership positions are held by Latinas. This leadership gap is not an easy one to explain given that three quarters of survey respondents said they have accountability metrics in place for senior level management in regards to diversity and inclusion goals specific to the Hispanic community.

These numbers indicate a need for increased efforts as it pertains to training and developing young, Latina business women and facilitating their career path up the corporate ladder. As each one of the women we interviewed for this Hispanic Women Business Leaders week stated, networking, sponsorship, and mentoring are three critical factors in creating and cultivating Latina business leaders.



The Golden Age for women entrepreneurs has finally begun. The stars have aligned to help trigger the trend as robust ecosystems churn out enterprising females equipped with inspiration, know-how and funding. In recent years, the rate of women entrepreneurs has been growing at a percentage at least double that of their male counterparts.


The strong representation of women on the Upstart 25 list reflects the growth of female entrepreneurship both at home and abroad. Women now make up 40 percent of new entrepreneurs in the United States — the highest percentage since 1996, according to the 2016 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity.

Meanwhile, in the 40 economies participating in the sweeping Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey in both 2011 and 2016, women's entrepreneurship rates rose by 13 percent on average, while male rates increased by 5 percent, according to lead author Donna Kelley, a professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College, which prepares the report with Baruch College.

The growth has been very swift in recent years. From 2015 to 2016, women's entrepreneurship rates increased by 10 percent on average versus 5 percent for males, across 51 economies that participated in the GEM survey. And in 29 of the 51, the ratio of male to female entrepreneurs has increased.

"The gender gap has closed in many countries, where women are as likely or more likely than men to start businesses," says Kelley.

So what is sparking women's interest in the start-up scene? Marketplace trends, expanding financing options — including the rise of venture-backed funds led by women — and greater access to mentors and role models all contribute, say experts.


And there are more high-profile examples of successful women entrepreneurs to spur women on. Julia Collins, co-founder of headline-grabbing Zume Pizza and partner Alex Garden, for instance, closed a $2.5 million seed round in Silicon Valley in four days. Garden is the former president of gaming powerhouse Zynga Studios

The duo — who initially worked together via Skype and met in person for the first time when they began raising funding — use robots to bake pizza inside of a high-tech van supported by small "sprinter" vehicles that make deliveries. Eight-slice 14-inch pizzas start at $15 — reflecting Zume's goal of bringing wholesome food, free of artificial ingredients, to people on moderate budgets. The company, which has sold 25,000 pies since it was founded in September 2015, reportedly raised another $23.8 million in a Series A round at the end of 2016.

"One of the things about being in Silicon Valley is, you have much better access to start-up capital," says Collins.

Crowdfunding has also helped some women gain a toehold as entrepreneurs. Although female entrepreneurs are less likely to use crowdfunding than men, they raise an average of 10.75 percent more money than their male counterparts, according to the GEM report.

Markit Opportunity  relied heavily on crowdfunding when it got its start. The for-profit social enterprise, based in Kenya, developed a mobile platform that enables multinational corporations to buy responsibly from small-scale farmers in developing countries. Co-founders Ashley King-Bischof and Zeluis Teixeira raised $6,612 on Indiegogo to do a small pilot and are now looking for additional funding in a seed round — a task they know won't be easy, given that potential backers often assume a social venture must be a nonprofit. "It will be challenging to overcome some historical notions of the often-false trade-offs between profit and social impact," King-Bischof said on a Skype call from Nairobi.


 The proportion of working mothers with dependent children is increasing, especially among those with children under the age of five. Although the majority of mothers work part-time, increasing numbers are working full-time. Dramatic increases in mothers' employment are seen as having important effects on family life. Some argue that it makes mothers think of themselves as self-sufficient individuals rather than as someone who priorities their home life and family relationships. Others see it as leading to more equitable relationships between both partners in a couple, and to parents devoting quality time to their children .The mothers felt that sometimes their employment could have a negative impact, because they had too much to do and were tired when they got home. They could also feel that their children sometimes resented them working if it cut into times when the children wanted to be with their mother.


Chris Alexander






 Learn  to shape the contour of your life to your own  sensibility s by learning how to move out of your comfort zone

Life is Now , Love life. Been out of my comfort zone has been my biggest accomplishment in life . It will end one day , keep fear out of the equation . I teach everyone they need  to  love what they do, and they need to live with a purpose. Powerful forces conspire to keep us in our comfort zone, penned by fear. Change your frame of mind. View your comfort zone not as a shelter but a prison. Embrace constructive discomfort. Don’t take the safe, known path. Choose challenge over comfort, and set goals that force you to get out of your comfort zone. Learn to be comfortable while being uncomfortable.  

Chris Alexander









We are a company whose mission is to help you get the money you need at the cost you want. We provide a service to help you find the right loan products from the most reputable lenders and lending partners in the industry. We also strive to educate consumers about how they can better manage their finances, purchases, and life events.


Is UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE a lender? Am I getting my loan from you?


No. UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE is not a lender. UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE uses proprietary technology and its relationships with dozens of trusted lenders and lending partners to find the best loan options for you.


How do I know if I am eligible?


You must be a US Citizen or permanent resident, aged 18 or over to qualify for one of our partners’ loan products.


Personal Loans 101


What is a personal loan and what does it have to do with my credit cards? A personal loan is an unsecured loan that you can just for any purpose: consolidating your debt, refinancing your credit card debt to a lower rate, or financing a life event. There is no collateral required to get a personal loan, and you pay back your loan in fixed monthly payments, with no penalty for paying the loan off early. Credit Card companies, on the other hand, are primarily used to make purchases for goods, but can also be used to borrow money you don’t have.


Why should I get a personal loan if I already still haven’t reached the limit on my Credit Card?


Personal loans generally have lower interest rates than credit cards since the rates are personalized to the borrower and you are committing to paying back the loan within a fixed time period. If you have a very high APR on your Credit Card debt, UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE may be able to find you a loan that will save you thousands. When UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE finds you a personal loan to refinance your credit card debt, you can repay those high-interest balances all at once – and get a single monthly payment that often has better rates and better terms.


What is an APR?


APR is the “annual percentage rate” and is the annual cost of your loan, as a percentage of the loan amount. The cost includes your interest rate and any fees or charges associated with your loan, including the origination fee.


What are the minimum credit requirements to receive a loan?


The requirements vary by lender and lending partner, but we have options for virtually any credit score across all of the lenders and lending partners on our platform.


Do I have to use my loan proceeds to refinance my credit card debt, or can I use it for a different purpose?


No. You can use your loan proceeds for almost anything, including paying for medical bills, a large purchase, or travel and relocation.


How is this different than getting a loan from my local retail bank?


Our process and the process used by our lending partners is entirely digital. You never have to leave the comfort of your home or desk when getting a loan through UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE . Retail banks require you to physically go to a branch, fill out paperwork to apply in front of a loan officer, and sometimes wait weeks to see if you are approved. Additionally, retail banks only look at your credit score when making a decision, whereas alternative lenders and lending partners can take into account many more factors to approve your loans, such as loan purpose and payment history on utility and cable bills.


When applying for a personalloan does it cost me anything to use UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE proprietary matching service?


No, our service is 100% FREE for consumers.


How does the UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE s short-form application help me finance?


UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE short-form loan application that collects the information necessary to help us determine which lenders or lending partners are right for you. In some cases, we can instantly provide specific loan offers in real-time from our loan providers. All of the loan offers are personalized for you.


What makes UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE Short-form loan application different from applying to a lending platform directly?


UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE short-form loan application is technically integrated into dozens of lending platforms,  UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE you time. Each lender and lending partner has its own loan products and the idea of a “good” borrower. Instead of getting a result from one lender or lending partner UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE short-form loan application dynamically determines which lenders and lending partners are most appropriate for you, and reaches out to them in real-time to get an offer from the lender or lending partner and a specific rate if they pre-approve you. Since most lenders and lending partners actually reject most borrowers, this saves you time and energy by trusting us to do what would be hours or days of research for you, and also ensures you only see the best offers UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCEyou money!


How do you determine which loan product is best for me?


We look at a number of factors such as APR, terms, the speed of approval, and speed of funding to display the best loan product for you. If you are not satisfied with the loan offer we display to you, you can always see all of your results to find a more suitable option for your needs.


Will using UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE Short -form loan application impact my credit score?


No. UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE 's short form loan application will not impact your credit score. Upon completion of the short-form loan application, lending platforms may run what is called a “soft check” which has no impact on a consumer’s credit score. The “soft check” is used to help loan providers get you real-time personalized pre-qualifying offers.


What does it mean to be pre-approved?


UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE 's short-form loan application will present you with pre-approved offers, which are conditional commitments for an exact rate from a lender or lending partner. The rates are subject to change but are very rarely different than the rate you see on UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE . This will not affect your credit score.


What is the difference between a soft pull and hard pull?


A soft pull (or inquiry) typically occurs when a person or company checks your credit report as part of a background check. A soft pull may be recorded in your credit report, depending on the credit bureau, but does not affect your credit score. Our loan providers complete a soft credit pull when you complete UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE short-form loan application based on your name, address, and date of birth. Hard inquiries generally occur when making a lending decision. Hard inquiries appear on your credit report and can negatively affect your credit score. Our loan providers complete a hard pull at the very end of the process once you click to accept the loan terms and complete your application.


I submitted UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE 's short-form loan application and I decided to proceed with a loan offer. Why am I being taken to another site and being asked to fill out more information?


When a consumer proceeds with a loan offer, they are taken to the lending platform that UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE  partners with. Consumers must complete the loan application workflow directly with the lending platform in order to obtain the loan. In some cases, data entered in the short-form loan application will be automatically pre-populated in the lending platform’s loan application workflow.


Will I be charged any fees by the loan providers?


There are no application fees for any of the lenders or lending partners on our platform. Some lenders and lending partners may charge an origination fee of 1-6% of the loan that will be deducted from the loan proceeds before they are delivered to you. This fee is factored into the APR you see. There may also be late payment fees or ACH return / check refund fees.


Please check with the loan provider if you have any specific questions regarding their fees.


What happens if I have questions about my loan after UNTOUCHABLE WOMEN CAPITAL FINANCE  helps me?


Your loan will ultimately be provided by and serviced by the lender or lending partner, and they will have their own customer service teams to answer any of your questions. We only work with top lenders and lending partners so we are confident they meet the highest standards of quality service. That said, we always welcome feedback and comments on your experience, so feel free to reach out to us using our “Contact us” page.